4 Surprising Facts about the Richest Man in the Universe

He’s a Huge Star Trek Fan (And Four More Fascinating Facts About Jeff Bezos)

The Amazon founder maybe the richest man on earth – and has provided 100,000’s of people with the platform for business success, selling on Amazon. But there’s a lot that you may not know about him.

What do you think of when you hear the name Jeff Bezos?

Perhaps you think of him as the richest person on the planet. Or, maybe you think of him as a top leader in the world of business.

Those are all true.

But there’s plenty more to learn about Bezos that may help you to learn how he achieved success.

Fact #1 – He’s a Big Star Trek Fan

Trekkies unite because Jeff Bezos is one of you.

Bezos’ Star Trek fandom extends all of the way back to when he was a young man. In fact, Amazon was almost called makeitso.com as a result of his love of the TV show.

Bezos is such a fan that he jumped at the chance to perform a cameo in Star Trek Beyond. You won’t see him as he’s hidden under pounds of makeup, but he’s definitely there.

This Star Trek love has a practical purpose too. Bezos claims that the show inspired his thought process behind the Alexa home management device.

Fact #2 – He Wanted to Be an Astronaut

At the age of five, Bezos witnessed the Apollo 11 moon landing. It left an indelible impression and he grew up with dreams of being an astronaut.

This prompted his parents to enrol him in a number of sports teams. They felt he’d become too bookish.

But Bezos had the last laugh. His Blue Origin space program may one day help him to achieve his dream.

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Fact #3 – He Wrote the Amazon Business Plan in Hours

Most people spend weeks deliberating over every aspect of their business plan.

Not Bezos. He jotted down the entire first business plan for Amazon during a car journey from New York to Seattle.

Fact #4 – He Sleeps Without an Alarm

Bezos isn’t a big fan of waking up before his body’s ready. That’s why he doesn’t use an alarm clock when he sleeps.

Unlike many entrepreneurs, Bezos tries to get a full eight hours every night.

Fact #5 – He Worked at McDonald’s

Often the most successful people have humble origins.

Bezos worked at McDonald’s during his teenage years. But he showed signs of his talents even in that role. In fact, he rigged up a complex alarm system to let him know when to flip his burgers or take his fries out of the fryer.

The Final Word

Those are just a few things that you may not have known about Jeff Bezos.

But most of us know him as the founder of Amazon. He created the platform that you use to run your business.

Now, you just need to know how to use it more effectively. Register for our FREE webinar to learn more about making a healthy cashflow – selling on Amazon the right way.

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