Thinking of building an Amazon Business but don’t know where to start?

Here’s the road-map I followed to start a successful Amazon Business.

Amazon has always been a great place to launch and scale product businesses and it still is a great place for you to start your online business.

It’s getting tougher to find ‘clear water’ with new profitable products but I’ve been continually adding new products and brands using my “Blue Sky Product” strategy.

It’s a technique that’s serving me and my current clients well. We work on quality products that are a breath of fresh air in the crowded ‘me-too” world of cheap Chinese factory plastic junk.

Any product I develop must meet certain criteria which means it’s far harder to copy, source and sell. These brands are also highly attractive to other businesses, so as well as earning cash through sales, you can also sell the entire business when you fancy a 7-figure payday.

Having just done this, I can tell you it is well worth the nervous early days to push on through and get started now!

The mainstream approaches to selling on Amazon and using research tools means everyone ends up squabbling over the same few products.

Not the case in my Amazon world. We use the best bits of Amazon’s fulfillment, trusted brand and volume of ready-to-buy customers. But we are building real businesses, not just trading products on Amazon.

So what’s the next step to get started the right way? Let me give you a road-map to follow on my upcoming webcast. I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Sophie Howard

Founder Aspiring Entrepreneurs