(Amazon) Sophie Howard in Australia – Last Tour for 2018

Great news…Sophie Howard’s coming to Australia for her final tour of 2018.

She’s already built 2 Amazon businesses…created an amazing cash flow of up to $50,000 in a single month….then sold them for 7 figures and 6 figures USD respectively.

Now, she’s building her 3rd Amazon business – and she’ll give you an “inside peek” into the that…LIVE at the event.

Exciting times…you don’t want to miss this…

Grab your seat now while there’s still time



    Good afternoon,

    Sophie presented at one of your seminars at the Mercure in Melbourne earlier in the year.

    She provided information on a program she runs to assist future Amazon buyers.

    However I no longer than any information on it.

    Could you please provide me with the details or contact information.

    Many thanks


    • John Anderson

      Hi Peter, someone from our team will keep in touch with you in the next few hours.


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