Brain scientists say this is how to win the game of life

I read an interesting Facebook post by Nic Lucas recently.

Here’s what he said.

“Extensive computer modelling by cognitive scientists has shown us how to win at the game of life … and importantly how not to lose.

1. Always approach everyone by playing nice.

2. If they play nice back … then keep playing nice and you get a win-win.

3. If you first play nice, but then they play dirty … then you need to match their game … otherwise you will lose every time you come up against someone who plays dirty.

4. And for those who play dirty as their primary game plan … then you can do well BUT the computer modelling shows that over time you will lose BIG TIME.

So, who wins most in the game of life?

Those who play win-win but who change tactics when someone plays dirty.

Who loses most in the game of life?

Those who play win-win even when someone plays dirty … they are the nicest people but are most trampelled by the dirty players.

Who comes in second last? Those who play dirty. They have a few big wins but their past comes back and screws them over.”

True story. I’ve seen this myself: Sheep amongst wolves, who play nice while the other side plays dirty.

It’s like bringing a knife to a gun fight.

And I’ve also seen people destroy their reputation and have no ‘allies’ because they always play nasty.

Find the balance, and win the game of life.

Another factor of winning the game of life is your daily habits.

What do the rich people do differently, that the poor and middle class do not?

An accountant has spent years studying over 1,000 self-made millionaires and found the key things the rich do differently.

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