Cashflow ‘Shark Attack…

Did you hear about the Surfer in WA who got mauled by a shark on the weekend?

Luckily, a fellow surfer got him to the shore – and they were able to compress his leg to stop the bleeding and he survived, thank goodness.

It made me think about how us Investors are also under attack…but in a different – and luckily not as terrifying! – way!

Let me explain.

Imagine if you owned a company…

The company paid tax.

Then the company pays you a dividend.

Then, you pay tax on that as well.

It feels like the government is double dipping right?

Yet, that seems to be what the Labour government is proposing to do with its new proposed attack on the Dividend Imputation franking policy.

This could really hit hard all the self-funded retirees living off the income of Franked dividends from shares.

Then, you’ve got the proposed attacks on negative gearing etc. which will hit us property investors hard too.

Without getting ‘political’….it’s fair to say it could be a much tougher time for investors over the next few years if Labour get elected.

(The election has to be held by May 2019).

So what’s the solution? Obviously, this depends on each investors situation and their own personal strategy and goal.

One approach that I ‘ve seen many investors successfully taking is investing in high cashflow commercial property.

That’s because it’s possible to get yields of up to 7%-11% – on properties with long term secure tenants in place. 

This means, investors can potentially collect as much as $20,000 per year in your pocket- from a $480,000 property…

That’s money in their pocket after loan repayments and expenses. 

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Commercial Property Deals with Healthy Cashflow

Would you love to have a deal like this in your portfolio, with a secure long-term tenant in place?

Come along to this webinar and Australia’s Queen of Cashflow, Helen Tarrant, will share many different case studies with you so you can see how it works. 

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