(Controversy!) Kiyosaki says “If you want to be rich and happy don’t go to school

Years ago property mega-millionaire Robert Kiyosaki made a splash of controversy when he published a book with the title:

‘If you want to be rich and happy don’t go to school.’

While I disagree with this – because schools teach you valuable skills like literacy and math etc. here’s what I would say.

Don’t worry about how well you did in school. It’s not the whole picture for success in life.

We all know of people who didn’t do so well in school who have achieved great things.

In fact, recent research on successful people shows that what the people who really win in life do these 2 things:

1. Find mentors in the specific skills you need to be successful – people who’ve done what you want to do

2. Figure out your strengths and grow them (That’s right – don’t focus on weaknesses)

So don’t worry about how you did at school or whether you went to uni.

As bestselling author Jim Rohn says: “General education can make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune.”

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