“CRASH! Pokemon Player Crashes into Tree!”

Heard about the Pokemon craze?

People use their mobile phones to find little ‘tokens’ in all sorts of places.

A U.S. marine was looking for an elusive ‘ice/water’ Pokemon….when CRASH!

He smashed into a tree.

It’s not just this guy.

Others have chased Pokemon tokens off a cliff.

Skaters have rocketed into ditches chasing Pokemons.

Some criminals even lured some Pokemon players into a remote place – and then robbed them at gunpoint!

Be safe out there when playing Pokemon people!

And, be safe out there when your property investing too.

That’s because a property investing mistake is expensive.

It could cost you $10,000’s – even $100,000’s.

Now, the two biggest areas people make mistakes in are property selection, and property finance.

They buy the wrong property, in the wrong area, at the wrong time of the cycle.

And then, they get the wrong loan for it – because they focus solely on getting the lowest interest rate.

Todd Polke, has helped over 823 people successfully buy investment properties – and getting the lowest rate is the LAST thing he focuses on.

He’s all about setting you up with a finance strategy – so you can potentially buy multiple properties that could help make you millions.

The good news is Todd is going to talk you through smart property finance….at his upcoming event.

He’ll also show you a simple system that can potentially allow you buy 3 properties in the next 3 years.

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