Financial black hole for rent

Funny article in Domain recently. A lady had trouble renting her house with a normal ad.

So she put an honest ad on gum tree

‘Financial black hole for rent’

“Despite having bought this property at a peak time in the market and paying a small fortune for a cardboard house, this financial black hole truly is an awesome place”

But it’s not just the house. It’s the lifestyle amenities. Check out this description of the local pub.

“This pub is a rare find in a city of increasingly modernised and upmarket venues…as this charming tavern has kept its feet smelling carpet and may or may not still have a wee trough against the bar.”


But these landlords clearly needed to get the place rented and the AD did the trick.

But you know, there are also property sellers out there, who want nothing more than to sell their place quick smart – even if they sell for a loss.

They are in financial trouble – or need to move on in life after a divorce etc.

For example, Nhan recently made $61,000 profit in 21 days by buying this property for under market value.

Purchase Settlement Day 15th August 2016

Sales Settlement Day 5th September 2016

That’s quick money – all by knowing how to find motivated sellers. Check out his free webcast to discover one great place to find them.

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