HELP! How these 3 men got rescued from a deserted island

So these 3 guys got their boat capsized by a large wave off the Northern tip of Australia

Luckily, they managed to swim 3 miles to this deserted island.

Most people would have been drawing straws to see who’s for dinner.

But these guys were more creative than that.

They wrote ‘HELP’ on the sand with some palm trees. This allowed a NAVY plane to notice them and rescue them.

And now they’re safe and sound after their ‘LOST’ adventure.

But here’s the truth. There are times us property investors need help us well.

Help to find the right deals to give us a healthy retirement income

Help in getting finance for multiple properties in today’s tight lending market

Help in creating big chunks of equity from a deal – so we have the money to buy the next one
If you need help in any of these areas, then fear not – you don’t need to stay stranded like Robinson Crusoe – because Todd Polke is here to the rescue.

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