How 6 property investors made around $205,000 EACH in 7 months

Hi it’s Todd Polke here.

Here’s the ‘back story’ of how 6 of my members at Thrive Property….made about $205,000 each in capital gains in 6 months.

My research ‘supremo’ Damien was hunting around the Newcastle market for deals that met his strict criteria.

Now, he’s a picky guy, when it comes to property deals.

For example, he recently went to a city…looked at around 500 deals in a week….and only picked 6 of them for our members.

Anyway, he saw something exciting in Newcastle.

There was a new masterplanned project with land for sale…that ticked all his boxes, as being a ‘desire magnet’ for owner occupiers.

But while most owner-occupiers, just saw ‘nice sized blocks’ for a big house….he saw the potential for duplexes on the blocks.

Duplexes would automatically add profit potential, and rental yield to the end-result.

Straight away, he assembled his team together to secure the properties.

Now, this wasn’t easy, because these land lots were in high-demand.

So, that lead to this scene:

The crew hiring a camper van and camping out for 3 days to be ‘first in line’ for these deals.

Anyway, they ended up securing a duplex deal for not 1…not 2…not 3…BUT 6 members.

And, here’s how the numbers worked.

Straight away on signing the members made around $95,000 price uplift based on how much individual sides of duplexes were selling for.

But, 6 months later, when the land valuation came in….that’s when they got even more excited.

Why? Because they had enjoyed around $205,000 price uplift in 6 months.

It was worth the bitter cold camping experience!

But here’s the exciting part…

Damian has managed to secure another small selection of land lots in NSW – that can fit a duplex on them – with similar instant equity potential.

They’ll be priced at about $700k and rent is around $800 – so a very healthy yield.

And, the expected ‘instant equity’ in the deals is around $75,000.

And, the expected capital growth in this area strong – so in my view this is just the beginning of what these investors could potentially make.


Want to get in on this – and other deals like it? Well this is a ‘members only’ deal.

This is the type of deal we research, find, and present to our member base.

So, the first step is to speak to our Members concierge, about how to qualify as a member.

If you are ‘market ready’ – i.e. you have an income, and savings and equity – then it’s worth us having a chat.

Because having access to premium deals, could make all the difference in your portfolio.


  1. Text your name through to our Members Concierge on 0434 083 476.
  2. Then we’ll contact you to have a chat.

Please note – there’s only a handful of these lots available, so it’s a ‘first in, best dressed’ situation.

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