How a Clumsy Casino Mogul Lost $160 Million in 1 Second

A hedge fund manager ‘fell in love’ with this Picasso painting of his young mistress on sitting on a couch.

Now, this painting was owned by a Casino Mogul called Steve Wynn.

And he bought it for $48 Million.

So, when the hedge fund manager offered him a whopping $160 million for it, what did he Wynn say?

He said ‘YES’!

He also decided to throw a party to give the painting a great ‘send off’ and let his friends admire it one more time.

At the party, his friends were gathered around Steve as he talked about the painting.

He got a bit excited about it – and how much he was selling it for – when he accidentally put his elbow back.

And, he heard a big ‘RIIIPP’ sound.

He had accidentally put his elbow through the painting.

The sale was off.

Steve was philosophical about it – “I’ve got my health, my friends and family.  This isn’t a disaster in the scheme of things”.

But still $160 million dollars, is still $160 million dollars.

And, this is why art is such a risky investment for most of us – not only do most of not know anything about it.

But, the storage maintenance issues are constant issue -as Steve will tell you!

Real estate on the other hand is relatively secure – bricks and mortar on a foundation of land – is a strong foundation for a long-lasting, wealth building investment.

As the 3 little pigs will tell you!

But you still need to get the right team around you.

Now, Todd Polke and the team at Thrive Property do a great job of helping investors find low-risk property deals, with high potential returns.

That’s because when you become a member with Thrive Property, you get these 10 big advantages:

  1. You get market deals that other investors – that never make it to This means, you get the ‘insider edge’ in your investing- that everyday investors simply don’t get.
  2. You get ‘early bird’ access to multi-stage master planned communities. Because the developer typically increases the price in each stage, this means you potentially get ‘forced’ capital growth on your investment.
  3. You get unlimited access to a finance team that specialises in property investors. This means they get deals ‘across the line’ that in many cases an average broker wouldn’t
  4. You get a personalised ‘Multiple Property Accumulation Strategy’. This means, you get a step-by-step plan to own a portfolio that is rich with equity and cashflow.
  5. You get to learn from a team who have been part of over $1 billion of real estate transactions. This means you can make intelligent investing choices, because you have the right team around you.
  6. You get strong potential ‘cash on cash’ returns. They aim to get you deals that give you a ‘cash on cash’ return in 18-36 months – so you can invest again sooner rather than later.
  7. You get access to one of Australia’s leading research department. They have a proven track record of picking booming markets, before they boom – such as West Sydney, Newcastle and Melbourne. And, for every 500 deals, they look at in a week, they only pick only the best. In fact, as few as 4 out of every 500 deals looked at fit the mark.
  8. You get access to property deals that fit the proprietary ‘Desire Magnets’ research checklist. They have over 56 criteria that must be met before presenting a property deal to our clients, which helps to ensure the high quality of each property.
  9. You get a ‘done for you’ service.  They know you may be busy. So, they find the deals for you…negotiate the best price and terms….and even project manage the construction in a ‘new build’ scenario. This way investing in property can be as stress-free and easy as possible.
  10. You get your own personal real estate investing coach. Real estate investing so much easier, when you have an experienced property investor guiding you every step of the way.  You can call or email your coach at any time, to guide you in your next step.

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a member, and how to potentially qualify, simply reply to this email, with your mobile number.

Then you can have a chat with the Membership concierge, about what you’re looking for in property. She’ll then assess your situation, and let you know the next best steps for you.

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