How a Divorced Welfare Worker Bought 5 Properties in 5 Years

As a welfare worker who spends her days looking after people with intellectual and physical disabilities, Jeanette Cisneros loves to give back to our community.

A few years ago, however, she decided there was no reason why she had to sacrifice her own standard of living in order to pursue a career she was passionate about.

So, she made the decision to start investing in property, with a goal of eventually owning her own home in one of Sydney’s eastern beachside suburbs.

Aged in her 50’s, Jeanette moved to Australia from Peru with her family many years ago.

Jeanette says she had “always wanted to invest in real estate, but I was married for 17 years and my ex-husband was never interested”.

“When our marriage ended, around five years ago, I didn’t know anything about how to buy a property or how to get started investing.

When we separated, I was only left with a little bit of money – certainly not enough to afford an apartment for myself. So I decided I had to go to seminars and educate myself.”

Jeanette ended up meeting Todd Polke and with him as her mentor, she felt like she was on the right path.

“He was really looking at my strategy according to what I needed, and he was really clear and open. I felt like I could trust him,” Jeanette says

When contemplating her first investment, a small property in Blacktown in Sydney’s west, Jeanette admits she was nervous.

“I was a little bit scared, but I did it. I went to the suburb every weekend and did a lot of researching and driving around, while also looking at the statistics and data.

That was the beginning of the journey and slowly, over the last five years, I have bought five investment properties in total.”

Plans are currently afoot for Jeanette to acquire her sixth property, while her long term goal is to eventually use her property profits to purchase her own waterfront home in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

“I live in Coogee in an apartment that I rent, and my overall goal is that I want to be able to buy my own place here,” Jeanette says.

“My income is very low so I won’t be able to afford buying my own apartment through savings alone, so my goal is to buy a few more properties over the next eight years to try and make money.

Then, I will sell a few and use the profits to get enough money together to buy my own unit. That is my number one, priority goal.”

While Jeanette has been happy to employ a ‘buy and hold’ strategy to date, she hopes to mix things up with some renovations in 2016.

“I want things to hurry up a little and when I look at my strategy, I think, well, maybe I can do better.

So next year, with Todd as my mentor I’d like to look at buying properties, doing some cosmetic renovations and selling them to make some quick profits,” Jeanette says.

“Todd has really helped me; he’s given me a lot of confidence and support. For someone so young, I sometimes can’t believe he’s my mentor!”

Inspiring story Jeanette. You show what’s possible when you find the right mentor and take strategic action.

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