How My Uber Driver Escaped Taliban Psychos (What he Did Next Will Make You Cry)

I just got out of a ride with lovely Uber driver from Pakistan called Shujat.

Shujat works as a supervisor at a pie factory in South East Melbourne.

And he drives Uber on weekends and at nights to get extra money.

That’s because he’s currently renting a house while his house in a new estate in Cranbourne being built.

He needs the extra money because he’s paying the mortgage for the new house, plus rent.

So good hard-working guy.

Why’d he come here?

Well he was a successful retailer back in Pakistan.

But the psychopaths in his local Taliban group, kept robbing him at gun point to take his money.

(He was making about 1.5k AUD a day net profit – good business).

So he left to create a new home in Australia because he was not likely to survive much longer.

(As a Shiite Muslim, the nutcase Taliban saw him as the ‘enemy’.)

But here’s the kicker…

He’s had to go through the process to get citizenship in Australia, which took 5 years.

Now thankfully he got the citizenship a few months ago, so he’s happy as a lark.

But here’s the sad part.

For the entire 5 years, he wasn’t able to go back and see his wife and 2 young boys in Pakistan.

He sacrificed all that time with them, working over here by himself to give them a better future.

What commitment and love.

Now he can bring them out to Australia thank God.

So they’ll be here in a few months to live in the new house, and he can build up his relationship with them.

But it just shows what people will do in commitment to a dream.

Because there’s no doubt, these kids will a much safer future, with much more possibilities for wealth, and happiness in Australia than Pakistan.

Anyway his story inspired me, and I just wanted to share it with you.

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On another note, one of the things we talked about was him starting an Amazon business, to generate extra income, once he’s moved out of the rental.

We agreed that it would be perfect for him, because it has such low-start-up costs and because Amazon handle the distribution, he can sell products into America, Europe and India etc.

This means he can potentially make even more than the $1.5k per day, he made selling drapes in Pakistan, without many of the stress and headaches.

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