How this ‘magic number’ boosts property values by up to $190,000+

The secret of ‘super-sized’ capital growth is finding suburbs with key ‘attractor factors’ that appeal to ‘owner occupiers’…says property strategist Todd Polke. 

For example, you may have seen how good year 12 results in local high schools can massively boost house prices. 

In fact, one study found that house prices were boosted by $19,000 for every 1% of scores above 40. 

This means, a 10% increase in year 12 scores can potentially boost property values by up to $190,000.  

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In fact, Todd’s ‘All-Star’ Research Team have identified over 43 ‘Attractor Factors’ that make an area a likely to soar in value. 

The good news, there are still ‘Desire Magnet’ suburbs, with properties priced under $450,000…that their research predicts are on track to potentially enjoy big price uplifts incoming years. 

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