How to get a healthy income from property – by helping to solve the housing crisis

It’s no secret, Australian housing prices have gone through the roof – particularly in Sydney and many suburbs of Melbourne.

Governments and councils are furiously scratching their head to solve the problem.

But let’s be honest.

They will never give up all the property taxes they milk from everyday Aussies transacting on real estate – so they won’t be changing them in a hurry.

And the red-tape and regulation around property development will likely remain intact.

So what will they do to increase affordable housing supply?

Interestingly, the answer may not come from government – but from investors.

You see, a group of savvy investors have found a way to get ‘sky high’ rental yields….while helping to provide cheap accommodation too.

The secret? “Micro-apartments”.

These type of properties can give you as a landlord yields of up to 3 or 4 times that of typical residential property.

For example, a $210,000 regional property that might have given you $4,200 per year positive cashflow…

Could give you as much as $35,000 per year positive cashflow, if you use this strategy.

Yes, that’s nearly $3,000 a month passive income…from a dirt cheap property!

It would be almost impossible to get that sort of cashflow from a similar investment in a traditional residential property.

Now, you can do this strategy in capital cities – and regional cities.

And, the best part is…you’re not only potentially making enough cashflow to give yourself a new lifestyle…

You’re also helping to provide affordable housing for people.


Want to learn more?

My friend Dymphna Boholt is running a one-day-training to guide you through this system, and how it works.

I urge you to join her, because you could potentially be one deal away from potentially making up to $1,900 extra income each month.

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