(Inspiring story) Taxi Driver Finds $187,000 – and returns it

Recently, a homeless man inherited $187,000.

But he accidentally forgot the backpack containing the money – in the back of a cab!

What an emotional roller coaster the poor guy must have been on.

The biggest financial break of his life….turned to despair.

Anyway, the taxi driver found the backpack on the backseat and had a look through to find some ID, so he could return.

‘I saw more money than I had ever seen in his life’ he said.

He did the right thing and returned it to a police station – where the homeless guy was already looking for it.

“My mother always said do the right thing, you’ll be rewarded somewhere later, you know?” said the taxi driver.

Imagine how that homeless guy felt getting that money back. Hopefully, he can use it to buy a house (they’re cheap in America) and get back on his feet.

With all the depressing stories in the media, it’s great to hear stories like this of human goodness.

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