Last Chance: Brisbane Property Fast-Track

Have you heard what people are saying about Brisbane real estate investor Nhan Nguyen?

“I just secured my first property deal – a ‘two into six’ subdivision and I didn’t put any of my own money into this deal. My money partner and I are projecting a $369,000 profit which we will split 50/50 – not bad for four months work!” – Diane, Full-Time Carer

“Thanks to Nhan we made $250,000 doing 10 renovations and have four more on the go. We’ve already left our day jobs behind and are now doing property together full-time!” – Paul & Lucy
Ex-Mechanic and Ex-Admin

The Property Fast-Track Formula

Want to discover fastest ways to potentially make healthy cashflow through property?

Then you need to attend this training. The Property Fast-Track Formula

Want to learn how to create wealth in property without borrowing a cent from the bank?

Then you need to attend this training.

Want to get potentially 20%-30% discount on properties?

Well… you guessed it… You need to attend this training!

So CLICK HERE and save your seat on this full-day event.

NOTE: This is the LAST full-day event Nhan is holding on this subject this year. The next one will be somewhere in 2019. And registration closes today.

The Property Fast-Track Formula

Please save your seat – before it’s too late.

Nhan has been using this formula for more than 15 years. He has completed over 100 property deals through this strategy. (Valued at over $34 million). This training is a game-changer, flat-out WORKS!

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