Live Amazon Event: “Corporate Refugee” Makes $8,000 per Month – Living on an Island!

Meet James.

James is a former corporate guy with an MBA who used to work in the “big city”.

But, he wanted a different lifestyle for his family…

More beaches, time and freedom-  less crazy commute and inner city pressure.

Now, James lives on Waiheka Island in New Zealand.  It’s an isolated place, with zero high paying jobs.

Yet James still makes a comfortable living.

His secret? Selling products on Amazon.

He’s been selling on Amazon for 2 years and has a healthy portfolio of Private-Label and Wholesale-sourced product lines.

This gives around $8,000 per month of net income – peaking to over $2,000 per day in the Christmas period. 

With around 30 additional product lines planned for launch in the weeks ahead, his 2019 is going to be massive.

Want to hear how he does it? Come and discover the Amazon selling system he uses at this free event

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