My private humiliation

Yesterday I went to the gym, and had a heart burning workout.

My coach pulled me aside after the workout and said….

“There’s no easy way to say this mate but….


And then he handed me a can of deodorant.

Not a subtle hint huh????

Turns out I had forgotten to wear deodorant that day.

Luckily, he did this privately – so it was a private not a public humiliation!

But that’s the magic of a coach.

A good coach, will help you see mistakes you’re making that are hidden from your view – so you can power forward.

Particular around property. A good property mentor can help you avoid big mistakes

If you’re about to buy a dog box in a crappy area – they’ll tell you

If you’re about to make a mistake in how you structure your property finance – they’ll tell you

If you’re buying the wrong property for your particular situation – they’ll tell you

If you’re strategy isn’t going to get you to where you want to go – they’ll tell you
That’s why it’s vital you attend the Property Wealth Masterclass with Todd Polke….because you’ll get insights into mistakes you’re making in your portfolio….that you never knew you were making.

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