(New Study) Workers Stuck in Traffic 21 Days Per Year

How much time did you spend getting to work today?

If you’re really lucky, your place of work is just a couple of minutes down the road.

But that’s not a reality for millions of Australian workers. They have to undergo massive commutes just so they can get to work.

Three Weeks in Sydney

According to a recent report, three weeks is the average time that a worker in Sydney spends stuck in traffic every year.

Even worse, that time eats into their salary. The average worker in Sydney loses 6% of their earnings to traffic every year.

But if you add it all up, it equates to over two years of lost wages during the course of a career.

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Something Has to Change

It’s clear that something needs to change. But it’s not like Sydney will become less populated anytime soon.

In fact, the population levels are increased over time – with around 250,000-net arrivals to Australia each year. And that means even more traffic.

And, while there’s a big infrastructure spending on to ease congestion – while that’s being done it actually increases it!

That’s why working a regular job with 9-5 hours just doesn’t work for many people anymore.

The commute is a major issue. But, then you’ve got all the other pressures of life to contend with.

How to Never Be Stuck in the 8 am Traffic Grind Again

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