New Webinar: ‘Avalanche’ Lead Generation Made Easy

Let me tell you a story….

Many years ago, John Dwyer -known by many as JD – run a national marketing company, working companies like Westfield, McDonald’s, News Limited, Disney etc.

And, he was responsible for some incredible ‘mass-marketing’ coup’s.

  • Getting 812,000 leads to call a ‘hotline’ phone number in 7 days
  • Selling millions of ‘batman’ and NRL trading cards
  • And even getting 50,000 new leads for a tea company in 4 months

He calls this style of marketing ‘Avalanche’ marketing….because rather than getting 2 or 3 leads per week….you can literally open the flood gates to massive lead gen.

But, here’s the great news for you.

Now, in 2018, JD has found these same principles work just as well online – on social media and Instagram etc- as they do on his old ‘hunting grounds’ of TV, Radio and newspaper etc.

This means, he’s able to virtually ‘break the internet’ with promotions for 100’s of different companies on Facebook etc.

So, now sorts of companies across dozens of different industries – service industries, professionals, tradies etc….are turning on the tap to abundant lead flow virtually overnight.

Simply by applying his ‘avalanche’ marketing secrets.

Want to discover more about how to unleash 10’s 1,00’s even 1,000’s of leads per month?

Join JD at this new marketing webinar…

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