Own $14 Million of Property Earning You $12 a Week?

There’s a lot of myths that stop people being successful property investors.

For example, some people say:

“It’s all about buying properties with large land sizes because ‘land goes up, buildings depreciate’.

And, sure there’s some truth in that.

But let’s look at the facts.

Firstly, there’s plenty of examples of apartments that have out-performed land, in various areas.

For example, boutique apartments in ‘blue chip’ areas of Melbourne and Sydney have out-performed house and land packages in some cases.

Secondly, if you take this rule too far you can make some poor choices.

For example, 2 lovely ladies that property superstar Todd Polke met took this principle to far.

They were successful business owners who had accumulated around $14 million dollars of land.

Their belief was ‘you should never sell land’.

But, do you know how much income they were earning from it?

As little as $500 a year after all expenses.

Does that sound like the best possible strategy to you?

Sure it might go up in value, but cashflow is still king.

This strategy lot of pressure on you to keep on working, because it’s hard to retire comfortably without ample income.

 That’s why Todd helped them to restructure their portfolio so it was ‘balanced’ with cashflow and growth investments.

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