*Revealed* This guy’s cunning plan to be the richest person in the universe

I am going to share with you a guy on Facebook’s cunning plan to be the richest person on earth (perhaps in the whole universe).

But first the backstory.

Helen Tarrant typically gets yields of between 8-11% on the commercial properties in her portfolio.

This means, a $450,000 property might give her around $2,000 per month of net positive cashflow.

That’s Money in her pocket after loan repayments and property expenses.

Now, I think that’s a great return.

Because, she often gets an 80% LVR so she’d put down just $100,000 deposit to get $20,000 per year return.

Plus, there’s capital growth potential too. Here’s some examples of some of her deals.

However, these returns are not good enough for a guy on Facebook.

He said: that making money through positive cashflow from commercial property is ‘slow money’. The ‘new way’ of making money is to get ‘25% per day returns a day on Bitcoin’.

Well let’s look at that.

An investment that grows at 25% per day, will double in price every 3 days.

This means, before too long his small investment into Bitcoin will soon be worth all the money on earth, due the ‘miracle of compounding’.

To give you a sense of how this works….after just one year of this growth rate, he’ll have around $12,951,602,033,147,163,060,107,863,027,687,096,320.00 in his hot little hands (or bit coin wallet).

Amazing, right?

That’s a lot more than Helen makes from commercial property!

Now, nothing against Bitcoin…but, like me, you may not believe, that this guy’s predicted growth rate will actually happen.

So, you may prefer the simplicity of buying a property and getting a healthy rental income each month.

If so, you can leave the speculative riches to our fine feathered friend on Facebook….

And come along and meet Helen next week at Real Estate Cashflow Made Easy.

But first a disclaimer.

*The properties she talks about WILL NOT double in value every 3 days. They can however, potentially give you a healthy income for life, if you buy right.


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