Rich-Dads’ 3 Lessons for Life Long Wealth

We’re taught from an early age to leave school, go to Uni, get a job, and scrape by until you can finally retire, and live the good life.

But the problem is, up to 80% of people are dependent on the government when they retire.

And, the Pension is quite meagre – for some people, it might be as little as 25% of what they are used to living on.

This means a retirement of scrimping and saving.

But, what if you could live on $120,000+ per year in your retirement? You could travel the world…help your kids and grand-kids out etc.

That’s what Robert Kiyosaki wants to help you to do with his book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

These are the lessons you can learn from him to help you achieve that goal.

Lesson #1 – Make Your Money Work For You like a Rented Mule 

Rich Dad’s rule #1 is first you need to work smart to earn your money – then you need to invest it in “assets” so your money works hard for you.

Now, interestingly Kiyosaki’s definition of an “asset” is something that puts money into your pocket on a regular basis.

What is your current asset base?  What is your next step to improve it?

Lesson #2 – Understand the Language of Money 

I basically stopped doing maths from year 8 onwards.  I got behind and never caught up.

Yet, now I spend a lot of my time reading profit and losses from my different companies looking for trends etc.  and analyzing stats about our companies performance.

Why? Because it’s important to me!

Whereas at school I was ‘emotionally disconnected’ from learning about algebra etc. at school.

Likewise, you need to learn how to understand the “language of money”, because it’s important to you!

Create a “profit and loss” for your personal finances and investments and review it each month.

Learn to love it.

Lesson #3 – Look for the Million Dollar Cheque Floating By… 

Dolf De Roos, a self-made real estate guru who’s done 100’s of real estate transactions, says

‘The deal of the decade’ comes along every week when you know how to find it’.

How do you find these deals? Well, in my experience the best thing you can do is hang out with rich people.

They tend to have better ‘deal-flow’….

And, by spending time with them you’ll be in an environment where amazing deals are plentiful – like fishing in the middle of a vast salmon migration!

There’s a new event with Helen Tarrant to help you get into that super-charged ‘deal flow’ environment.

Now, Helen is amazing!

She’s got around 51 tenants across her portfolio – and earns on average $1,000 per month PROFIT per tenant. Think she’s someone you need to know?


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