Scandalous accusations against Nhan Nguyen!

We’re promoting an event with Nhan Nguyen on Facebook.

In the ad it mentions he’s done over $30 million of property developments.

Which is true – in fact he’s done lot more than that.

Most people are really positive and share the event with their friends.

In fact, over 563 people have already registered so we’ve had to upgrade to bigger venues.

But you do get some interesting comments.

Some people say:

“Pretty easy when you’ve got rich Chinese parents”.

Let’s discuss that.

Firstly, obviously not every Chinese person in Australia is loaded!

Secondly, Nhan Nguyen is Vietnamese name.

And, his parents came over as boat people from Vietnam – and he grew up in a working class suburb of Brisbane.

So “parents with deep pockets” is not the secret of his success.

The other big one that comes up is:

“Drug money!”.

Yes, people really think the only way he could be getting the money for property developments is selling drugs.

Now this is ridiculous. Nhan’s whole life is about empowering people…

And the only thing he’s’ addicted to is fishing!

Anyway, this gives you an into the mentality of some people – they don’t see that wealth creation is possible for the average person without drugs or inheriting wealth.


But, here’s what is true.

In today’s property market, with tight lending and expensive prices in many areas…it is hard to get started.

That’s why at his upcoming event Nhan is going to show you get started in doing small developments….even if you don’t have a deposit yourself…and even if you’re serviceability’s tight.

This is the real ‘secret weapon’ that Nhan has used to accumulate so much real estate – while so many other people get stuck at 2 or 3 properties.

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