Shocking Wealth: The 5 Richest People in History (Not Bill Gates!)


Can you even imagine what $1 billion would look like?

What about $50 billion?

Those aren’t pie in the sky numbers. There are some people in the world right now who have that kind of money.

This isn’t “financial freedom” money. If you have that sort of cash, you’re capable of molding the world to your own vision!

Augustus Caesar – the $4.6 Trillionaire 

Let us put Augustus Caesar’s wealth into perspective for you.

At one point, he ruled an empire that accounted for about 30% of the world’s entire economy.

Some historians believe that 20% of that made up Augustus Caesar’s personal wealth.

Ian Morris of Stanford University says that’s equivalent to about $4.6 trillion in today’s money.

Not pocket change!

John D. Rockefeller

Let’s bring things a little closer to the modern age.

John D. Rockefeller had such vast wealth that his name is still used to describe a rich person.

He founded the Stanford Oil company and controlled 90% of America’s oil production at his peak. Of course, anti-trust laws came in and broke up that company.

Yet, still now the ‘broken up parts’ are some of the biggest oil companies in the world!

It’s estimated that he had a personal net wealth of $367 billion in today’s money.

Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie lived during the same era as Rockefeller. Some believe that he may have even topped Rockefeller in terms of personal wealth.

In 1901, he sold U.S. Steel for $480 million. Accounting for inflation, that would make him worth $372 billion today.

Carnegie gave away 90% of that money prior to his death – inspiring!

Cornelius Vanderbilt

Go back a little further and we come to Cornelius Vanderbilt. He has trying rags to riches story, as he came from an impoverished background to build his fortune in the shipping and railroad sectors.

At his peak, he had a personal fortune that’s equivalent to $202 billion in today’s money.

Like Carnegie, he gave most of it away before he died.

Jeff Bezos

Let’s round things out with somebody from the present day.

Jeff Bezos leads Amazon. In recent years, he’s overtaken both Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to become the richest person in the world.

He has a net worth of about $112 billion at the time of writing. Interestingly, that puts him quite a way behind the other people on this list.

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