Sleeping with a Property Millionaire…

I just finished a book about a wealthy entrepreneur…who paid a Navy Seal to come and live with him for a month…

And basically, kick his ass into oblivion everyday! 

They would jump into icy lakes….do 1,000 push ups in a day…. Run in the snow…etc. 

What a grinder! 

But, here’s the thing: He learnt a valuable lesson, pushing his boundaries so far. 

Just when you think you need to stop because you’re DONE…

You can push yourself 40% more than you think, you can.

The reason, I mention this story is it points to the ‘power of association’. 

High achievers take you to the next level. 

For example, if you had a property multi-millionaire sleeping at your house for a month…

  • You got to see them doing finding deals off-market…
  • Negotiating great prices and terms on distressed properties

  • Working out tax strategies and finance strategies with their advisors

You would learn more in that 30 days about wealth creation, than you normally would in 10 years.
Here’s the good news…

“Deals on Fire” is the next best thing to that…

That’s because you get to spend a day with property multi-millionaires, who between them have done well over 100 property deals. 

And, they are going to help you… 

  • Find your ‘next big move’ to make money in the next 3 years in real estate
  • Navigate the finance challenges we’re facing now…so you can keep expanding your portfolio 
  • Find highly positive cashflow properties…so you can potentially replace your income sooner 
    All in one jam-packed day.

This is ‘must attend’ event…so if you haven’t yet joined over 2,000 smart investors in claiming your ticket….go ahead and do that now.

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