Smart Phone “Crack Cocaine” in your Home?

You shout the house down trying to get the kids to come to the table for dinner.

Eventually, you give up and go to them instead.

Then you see it. Your kids have their faces buried in their phones.

Bathed in the glow of the screen, they’re so absorbed that they haven’t even noticed you standing there.

Would your kids ever unplug if you weren’t there to manage their usage?

Mandy Saligari, an addiction specialist, has a very critical point of view on this issue.

She says that giving your child a phone is similar to giving them cocaine, or a bottle of wine.

You’re potentially creating an addict. That phone is potentially as addictive as any drug you could give to your kids.

Now before you run off to flush your kids iPhone or iPad down the toilet of course there’s a bright side to I-phone usage if it’s managed well.

Because they are also making our kids so much more ‘tech-savvy’ and prepared for future jobs.

There are many games and apps that you can find that are positive for helping them think strategically – and become more comfortable with coding etc.

How to Turn Smart Phones into Cashflow

And of course, Technology has made life so much easier for us all – for shopping and staying informed – and young generations are taking full advantage of this.

This wide spread usage of ‘smart phones’ for things like shopping is one of the reasons why Amazon is so successful.

There’s a huge number shoppers on Amazon every day. In fact, almost 200 million people at various stages of buying/researching visit the pages every month – mostly from their smart-phones.

Imagine how many of those people could be your customers, if you had some products listed on Amazon.

And, now is the right time to become an Amazon Seller. Even though many people have already done it –  there’s plenty of space for you on the market, because of new customers join up each day.

And not only will people buy your products from their smart phone – you can even run your business from your smart-phone in as little as 30 minutes per day

Now that’s a light touch business!

(The darkside of this of course, is that many Amazon sellers wake up and check their sales stats first thing! In the morning! Sales addicts!)

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