(Success Lesson) Story of the Lion and the Field Mouse

Here’s a success lesson from the most unlikely of places – a Lion and a Field mouse.

Now, imagine a Lion living on the African Savannah.

The lion is fully capable of capturing and killing a field mouse.

But, the energy required to do so exceeds the caloric content of the mouse itself.

So a lion that spent its days hunting field mice would be a skinny – and soon to be dead – Lion!

That’s why a Lion needs to hunt Antelope.

Now, Antelope are big animals.

And of course, they take more speed and strength to capture.

But once killed, they provide a much bigger meal for the Lion and his family.

A lion can live a long and happy life on Antelope.

The distinction is important for us in our own lives.

It’s about how we spend the precious days of your life – in your wealth creation, your career and recreation time.

So, to apply it to wealth creation…you want to spend your days acquiring ‘Antelopes’…

Cash-generating assets, that give you an income for life.

For example, here’s an ‘Antelope’ commercial property that one of Helen Tarrant’s clients recently bought.

The price was $600,000.

The yield was 8.95%

It has a 3 year lease.

And, the net positive cashflow for the investor is around $23,000 per year.

That’s nearly $2,000 per month in their pocket after loan repayments and expenses.

Would you like to own a property like this?

Come along to this free webinar tonight which is all about how to find them.

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