“The Earth is Flat” – (What ‘They” Never Told You)

This guy reckons the earth is not actually round – it’s flat.

Does this guy look sane to you?

And the whole NASA photos etc. of the earth being  round…

Complete scam. Photoshopped.

Nope. The earth is flat. Flat as a pancake.

Which raises the question…why have no ships sailed of the end of the earth?

Silly me. They probably have. Happens every other day.


This is clearly a crazy conspiracy theory. A myth.

But, there are a lot of myths in property investing too – which are going to be ‘flat out’ debunked at

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Myth 1 – You need a deposit to get started in property – Au contraire!  You’ll see how everyday Australians are making as much as $300,000 in a single year in property…without putting a single cent down for a deposit!

Myth 2 – You can’t find positive cashflow properties –  You’ll see how everyday Aussies are getting up to $25,000 per year in net cashflow…from one single cashflow deal.

Myth 3 – The property markets in a bubble.  Sure, some areas are ‘crazily priced’….but you’ll see how investors are buying properties for under $400,000…for up to $60,000 below market value!

Myth 4 – It’s impossible to get loans. Yes, it’s harder to get loansBut, not for every investor. In fact, you’ll hear about a type of loan where lenders don’t even look at your serviceability.

So, don’t believe the ‘flat earth’ myths.

Come along to Multiple Streams of Property Income, and get the edge over other investors…and make wealth in this market….and any market.

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