This couple sold their flat and bought a Chateau with 47 rooms! (And a moat!)

It’s not just Sydney and Melbourne.

People in London have also had a gutful of high property prices.

One couple decided to breakout completely.

They sold their flat in London for about $690,000 AUD.

Then they bought a French Chateau with five floors, 47 rooms, a forest, a walled garden and a moat!

Here’s a picture – stunning isn’t it.

The owners of Chateau de-la-Motte Husson traded in their East London flat to buy the fairytale castle in the Loire Valley.

What’s amazing a studio flat in London in this building would cost about the same price.

A studio flat in this building in East London will cost the same amount as the chateau.

The challenge for most of us, is we can’t move out of the city because that’s where the major employment hubs are.

However, there are two ways property investing potentially easier for us.

You could become a full time property investor. So you don’t need to commute at rush hour times etc. You can set your own hours – and still make a healthy income.

You can use property profits to pay off your own home loan. This means at least you don’t have to pay over $1million in interest over the life time of a loan

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