Tony Robbins’ Financial Rules for Success (Learnt from Billionaires)

Tony’s Robbin secret for success in life.

Find out who’s the best in the world at something, and model them.

That’s why he interviewed his friend Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio to learn his wealth wisdom.

Here’s what he learned.

Rule #1 – You Can’t Beat the Market

Dalio tells Robbins that the odds of beating the market are ridiculously small.

“Before you try to beat the market, recognize that your likelihood of being successful is extremely small and ask yourself if you spent the time to train and prepare to be one of the few who actually wins.”

He says that adapting to the market is the true secret.

You’ll build wealth from your investments if you keep learning and adapting.

Rule #2 – Diversify Your Portfolio

Dalio demonstrated the importance of diversification with a simple statistic.

Every asset class will have a day when it drops by 50% or even 70%.

If you’ve put all of your eggs in that basket, you’re in serious trouble. And if you’re getting on in years, you don’t have any time to make up for it.

Robbins took this to mean that you need to diversify both across and within different assets.

The further you spread your wealth, the less chance there is that one asset’s failure will destroy your financial future.

One option many people use to diversify their asset base is a commercial real estate.

The advantage of a commercial real estate is you can get yields of up to 6-11%, long-term leases of up to 2-10 years, and locked in rental increases of up to 3% per year.

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