Top Selling Products on Amazon in 2018 (And What the Sellers Are Making)

One secret to coming up with new products ideas for your Amazon business is to look at the current top selling products for inspiration.

So here are some of the top selling products on Amazon in 2018 – and what we estimate their sellers make, based on our ‘spy tools’.

Product #1 – Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Everyone wants softer skin.

Clever branding and an all-natural product have helped Aztec Secret’s Indian Healing Clay make a big dent in the market in 2018.

According to an Amazon ‘Spy Tool,’ this product sells over 21,450 units per month at about $10.50.

That means a revenue of $225,225 per month. Over 12 months, the seller’s going to generate over $2.7 million in revenue, of which up to $800,000 could be profit.

Product #2 – Otium Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Amazon’s dominating the electronics and tech categories with its Echo and Fire Stick products.

But there are plenty of great opportunities out there for different products.

Take these clever sports headphones that combine wireless and Bluetooth technology as an example.

They’re selling 2,587 units per month at a price of $18.69 per unit.

That’s $48,351 per month in revenue, or about $580,000 per year, of which up to $150,000 could be profit.

Product #3 – What Do You Meme?

You may have heard about the amazing success that Cards Against Humanity achieved with Amazon FBA.

But there’s a new card game in town that’s causing a stir on the platform.

What Do You Meme? sees players matching captions up to popular internet memes. It’s a party game for adults but it’s offering something that Cards Against Humanity doesn’t.

And the sales figures bear it out.

The game’s selling over 10,000 units per month at a price of $29.97.

That creates a monthly revenue of just under $300,000. The makers will do almost $3.6 million in sales over the course of a year.

This could equal over $1 million in net profit.

And all it took was a clever idea and some private labelling.

These three products showcase the massive opportunity that Amazon offers. You just need a great product and the right guidance.

And, there’s no one better to provide that guidance than Sophie Howard, because she’s launched hundreds of ‘smash-hit’ products on Amazon.

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