Wake Up Rich? 5 Tips to Join the 5am Club

Did you know people who wake up early make more money?

It’s true.

A study of 1,000 people in the United States found those who wake up at 5 am earn up to 20% more than those who get up at 7 am.

And, it makes sense; because think of all the things you can do in those 2 hours.

You can start a new ‘side’ business, get your body in shape, even earn a new language, or take some big actions to get ahead in your career.

Now, I get it; it can be hard to summons yourself out from under the warm doona that early – so here are some tips to make it easier for you.

Tip #1 – It’s About “Why” Not “Will”

Trying to get up early just because you think you’re supposed to won’t get you anywhere.

You need a reason for your early mornings. You need something to strive towards that makes it essential that you’re up and about.

Find your “why” instead of relying on your “will”.

What would motivate you to make it happen?

Tip #2 – Make Yourself Move

It’s so easy to just reach over to the alarm clock and turn it off.

Before you know it, you’ve slept in for hours and wasted your morning.

There’s an easy solution.

Put the alarm clock somewhere out of reach. This forces you get up to turn it off.

And once you’re out of bed and moving, it’s much easier to wake up.

Disclaimer: Your partner may hate you for this one.

Tip #3 – Get Rid of the Tech

How often do you check your phone before going to bed?

Too many people glue themselves to their screens almost until the moment their heads hit their pillows.

The problem here is that you’re keeping your brain active. That means you don’t get a restful sleep so you struggle to wake up early.

Ditch the tech and focus on switching off rather than staying on.

Read a book in bed to wind down – much better.

Tip #4 – Be Accountable

A little motivation goes a long way.

A pet will get you out of bed in the morning. Making plans with a friend will do the same.

Create some accountability to give yourself a reason to wake up.

For example, you could tell others their “wake up time goal” then post a picture of their clock with date and time onto Social Media each morning to show you are on track.

Tip #5 – Open the Blinds

Natural light does a great job of waking you up.

Keep the blinds open so that your bedroom’s full of light when the alarm goes off. That’ll pull you out of your sleepy fog and get your mind in gear.

Here’s what one Navy Seal does when he gets up at 5 am (Courtesy of Business Insider) 

“Willink jumps out of bed and puts on the workout clothes he prepared the night before. He did his to-do list then, too, so he doesn’t have to sip a coffee and wonder what he’ll do that day.

He heads straight to his garage gym for a workout that wakes up his mind and body far more intensely than checking emails and doing some light stretching ever could. By the time he’s done with morning routine most of us are just getting up!”

What can you do with your extra time? 

Here are 2 ideas.

One is ‘get moving’ because when you get your blood pumping and body moving, it will help put you in a good state of mind for the rest of the day.

The first thing I like to do when I wake up is get my body moving. If the surfs good, I’ll go surfing. If not, I’ll do a Crossfit class.

If I am short of time, I’ll just jump on the trampoline for 3 minutes.

The point is to do something to get your body moving, so you feel great and confident for the rest of the day.

The second thing you should consider is starting a ‘side hustle’ business.

This is a business you can do on the side to potentially replace your current job income over time.

That’s because aside hustle business can give you “freedom and control” over your life.

You see the challenge with most jobs is you need to be in a certain place at a certain time, and you need to live in a certain area to get to that job each day.

(Often in a place where house prices are very expensive).

Whereas when you run a business, such as an Amazon or real estate investing business, for example, you can really do it from anywhere decent Wifi.

For example, this was my “home office” in Fiji recently.

Now, a great business to look at starting is an Amazon business.

That’s because with the right product you could potentially replace your day-job income in as little as 12 months from now.

And, the best part? Because Amazon can warehouse and ship your products to customers for you, you can get started with this business – without quitting your day job.

Check out this webinar on how to potentially replace your income with a ‘work anywhere’ Amazon business – CLICK HERE 


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    I came to the Marcoola event with Mia Munro tonight (Tuesday 5th Feb 2019) I couldn’t sign up there and then as my husband was not with me at the event and I couldn’t part with any money before speaking with him…I think he is ok with me doing the 12 month Mentoring Programme so Iwas wondering what the cost would be? Could I still benefit from the scholarship that was mentioned?

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