Wanna-be Property Investor with a Million Dollar ‘Habit’

Todd Polke told me recently about a property Investor who was always ‘gunna invest’…but it was never ‘the right time’.

They had the income and equity to get into the market…but they just wanted to ‘wait’.

Whenever I hear that, I ask myself: What are you waiting for – the heavens to open and the Lord to say:

‘Thou shall invest now’…

The truth is there’s never really a right time to start investing…. we’re all busy and we’ve all got stuff going on, and it’s never particularly convenient.

There’s only right now.

And even if you can’t get into the market now…you can at least work towards getting yourself educated and market ready.

That’s why the most successful investors share one thing in common.

A habit of taking massive action now.


This ‘wanna-be’ investor waited too long and instead of buying in West Sydney, pre-boom like many of Todd’s clients.

They missed the boat entirely. Ouch!

And that’s why ‘waiting’ can be a million-dollar habit…

Because they’ve just missed out on earning what could have been $1million plus of equity if they bought a 2 or 3 properties when they had a chance.

Never let this be you.

If you have been sitting on your hands for too long…. then carpe diem!

Seize the day and book a call with a property strategist today…so you can work out a game plan to invest in the next potential ‘Sydney’….

Get started in building a multi-million-dollar portfolio in today’s market. Book a strategy session with a successful property investor who owns 5 properties. Click here to get started…….

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