Why are Japanese men living in boxes inside their home?

It’s no secret that living spaces in Australia are getting smaller.

But how will we cope with living in smaller places?

Maybe the Japanese have some clues.

The average Japanese apartment is about 60 square metres, and recently they’ve had some innovations in how to make it ‘work’ from a ‘personal space’ perspective.

Recently, some furniture makers were knocking back some Sake in an Izakaya (Japanese pub) talking about how they could find a sanctuary in their tiny family homes.

‘The result was an otoko no kakureya, or “hiding place for men”, a tiny, cockpit-like wooden room with a desk, shelves and reclining chair’ reports the economist.

Sales are booming!

There’s also the Solo Theatre (below) a cardboard box that you put over your head, which has a place holder for your Iphone.

There’s even a black cut-out of a row of heads inside, to give it that real Hoyts feel.

Freedom360 Japanese

Hmmm. Whatever gets you to where you want to go I guess.

From an investor perspective, higher density living has opened up all sorts of higher yielding opportunities – duplexes, granny flats, triplexes, boarding houses, backyard subdivisions etc.

That’s why for cashflow hungry investors the next decade is going to be really exciting, so keep your eyes peeled for possibilities.


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