Woody Allen’s “Non-Sleazy” Success Secret

Famous movie director and sleazeball, Woody Allen once said the secret of success in life is ‘Showing up’.

Here’s a story to demonstrate that point.

Yesterday we had a work Christmas party, at a restaurant at Crown Casino in Melbourne.

I don’t go to the city much, and I even more rarely go to the casino.

But there I was.

After lunch, we went for drinks at a little bar in the cellar of the Atlantic called ‘The Den’.

By complete chance, a friend walked in, with some visitors from Canada he was showing around Melbourne.

And, that visitor happened to run a marketing agency promoting some of the biggest real estate investing experts in Asia and America.

Right at a time, we are currently expanding our businesses into Asia and America.

What are the odds of that! Who knows what amazing things can come from that totally chance encounter.

This is about the ‘law of weak ties’.

Sometimes it’s the contacts on the “outside” of your close social group that provide you with the breakthrough new opportunities.

Because this friend of mine who we bumped into I don’t even know that well – we’ve only met in person once.

So get out there. Go to events.

Meet people who up to stuff in life. Don’t get caught in your own little Cocoon.

Because, who knows what doors may open when you do that.
Speaking of opening doors….

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  1. Rich

    Interesting, I’d like to know who wrote this article?

    It is true, get out there and meet like minded people.


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