(WOW) How a full time carer made nearly $500,000 in profit – through one property deal

Dianne is a full time carer.

She wanted a big lump sum of money…so that she could end her financial worries…

And enjoy more financial security and freedom in her life.

With Nhan’s guidance she set about her first property deal…

She turned one home on a big block into 6 land lots – by dividing up the backyard.

Not only that, she renovated the front property, so that it looked sparkling!

Then, she sold all of the new blocks of land.

They expected to make around $360,000…but they ‘missed’ the target.

Instead, they made around $500,000 profit!

Wow! Now, that’s a life changing amount of money.

All within 18 months of Nhan showing them the ‘fast track way’ to make money in real estate….

The amazing thing is Diane didn’t even fund the deal – she found some partners to put up the money. But she still got a healthy share of the profits.

Here’s the secret…

When you can create wealth ‘on demand’ in real estate – people will often fund your projects – and happily share the profits with you.

It’s a beautiful thing.

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