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The $3 Amazon Product “Start-Up”

It’s Sophie Howard here. Are you still interested in selling on Amazon? You’ll love this. The 1st product I sold on Amazon was an eco-homewares product I bought from a supplier in Nepal for $3 per unit. I only ordered 75 of them - because I wanted to ‘test the...

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‘Rich Dads’ 10 Quotes to Make You Wealthy

So many of us have been inspired to start building wealth by reading Robert Kiyosaki’s books. So, here’s 10 of Kiyosaki’s top quotes to help you create long-lasting wealth and cash flow. People think that working hard for money and then buying things that make them...

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10 Productivity ‘Hacks’ from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

10 Productivity Hacks from The World’s Richest Man Amazon founder Jeff Bezos gets through an enormous amount of work each day. Find out how with these productivity hacks. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is a busy man. Between running one of the world’s largest businesses...

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(Infographic) #1Top Reason Businesses end up as Road-Kill

According to a study by a major bank, 82% of businesses that fail do so because of ‘cashflow problems’. This really means ‘lack of sales’…because if you have an ‘avalanche of sales’ each month…and your products are priced well…then you likely don’t have a cash flow...

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Big News (Auckland Amazon Event Tonight)

Discover how to make up to $1,035 every 14 days selling products on Amazon…even if you have no clue what to sell yet. Join Amazon “Super-Seller” Sophie Howard at her LIVE Event in Auckland tonight. EVENT DETAILS: Pullman Auckland - Corner Princes Street and Waterloo...

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(New Study) Workers Stuck in Traffic 21 Days Per Year

How much time did you spend getting to work today? If you’re really lucky, your place of work is just a couple of minutes down the road. But that’s not a reality for millions of Australian workers. They have to undergo massive commutes just so they can get to work....

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“David Copperfield” Secret to Triple Your Sales

One of my hobbies is magic. Give me a bunch of 4 year old’s at a Christmas party and they will be “bewildered” by my amazing tricks. (Any older than that and they cotton on pretty quick)…. However, while I am not great at magic – I do love watching masters of sleight...

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