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Funny story (Big mistake at work)

Have you ever made a big mistake at work? Here’s a true story about a guy that did. Simon used to work at British Telecom. He was responsible for setting up the call options thing. Press 1 for customer service  Press 2 for tech support etc.  Anyway, just for a gag...

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(Free Event) The Real 6-Hour Workweek

A while back, I read that Japanese employees die at their desk from overwork so often there's a word for it... Karoshi. Forget that! Working 100 - 150 hours a week, and then croaking in your cubicle. It brings a new meaning to phrase 'dead-end job'! Australia and New...

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Robert Kiyosaki’s 8 Quotes to Change Your Life

Robert Kiyosaki is the ‘brain’s trust’ behind Rich Dad, Poor Dad and he has one goal for you. Help you retire richer, younger. Here are 8 Kiyosaki quotes to help you on your way… Plus, read on for the #1 thing you can do to potentially double your income in 2019. #1 -...

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1,509 per day from this 1 Amazon Product?

It's crazy, it really is... One Amazon seller is averaging around $1,509 per day in sales selling this simple Detox Tea product on Amazon. It's a true modern day gold-rush! Want to get it on it? Come to this free event in Brisbane and Gold Coast and learn how to get...

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Woody Allen’s “Non-Sleazy” Success Secret

Famous movie director and sleazeball, Woody Allen once said the secret of success in life is ‘Showing up’. Here’s a story to demonstrate that point. Yesterday we had a work Christmas party, at a restaurant at Crown Casino in Melbourne. I don’t go to the city much, and...

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Wake Up Rich? 5 Tips to Join the 5am Club

Did you know people who wake up early make more money? It’s true. A study of 1,000 people in the United States found those who wake up at 5 am earn up to 20% more than those who get up at 7 am. And, it makes sense; because think of all the things you can do in those 2...

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(Photo) $45,000 P/Cashflow from 1 Property

How many properties would you need to replace your ‘day job’ income, if you bought properties like this? FREE WEBINAR: Is Commercial Real Estate the Fastest Way to Replace Your Salary – Find Out – Click Here  This gym spits out around $45,000 per year positive...

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8 Quick Tips from “4 Hour Work-Week” Guru Tim Ferriss

Hi [First Name], Do you want more control of your life? More time with family? Mini vacations? Time to take up new hobbies. Enjoy nature. You can, but you need to set up your life to make it possible. That’s Tim Ferriss author of the book The 4-Hour Work Week is all...

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Kim Kiyosaki’s Best Advice for Getting Ahead

You’ve probably heard of Robert Kiyosaki and his Rich Dad, Poor Dad books. But did you know that his wife is also a successful investor and author? Kim Kiyosaki is the author of Rich Woman: A Book on Investing for Women and she’s made millions from investing since...

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New Webinar: 30 Days to $576,000 Sales Breakthrough?

Hi, Interesting in a big sales breakthrough – before Christmas? Well, you’ll love this. … John Dywers revolutionary marketing system produced: 812,000 inbound calls in one week! 3.2 million calls in 4 weeks! …resulting in $576,000 in sales - around 90% of which was...

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