1 Idea ‘Sales Miracle’

Wheels on a suitcase.

Seems like a pretty obvious concept right?

Yet up till 1987 we were lugging bags around airports – without wheels!

Now, it wasn’t like “wheels” and a “sack” hadn’t been invented.

They’ve been around since Fred Flintstone was a boy.

But it wasn’t until a bright spark Airline Pilot combined the two that airline travel got a heck of a lot easier.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, this one breakthrough led to a breakthrough in travel…as well as $100’s of millions in new luggage sales.

All from one “simple” idea.

And, these are the sorts of ‘big ideas’ you’re going to get a truckload of at John Dwyer’s upcoming marketing masterclass.

Simple marketing ideas…to potentially flood your business bank account full of cash.

This is the perfect event if you run a business, work in a business, or are thinking of starting one.

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