10 Productivity ‘Hacks’ from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

10 Productivity Hacks from The World’s Richest Man

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos gets through an enormous amount of work each day. Find out how with these productivity hacks.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is a busy man.

Between running one of the world’s largest businesses and launching a bunch of other ventures, he has a lot on his plate.

If he’s not productive, his business empire falls apart.

Happily, he has plenty of productivity hacks up his sleeve. And he’s more than happy to share them with you.

Hack #1 – The Two-Way Door System

Bezos points to slow decision making as a key productivity killer.

He uses the Two-Way Door system for making quick decisions. This means that he believes almost all decisions are reversible.

If you follow that philosophy, you’ll make decisions quicker.

Hack #2 – Don’t Copy Your Competitors

Bezos says it’s important to look to your competitors for inspiration.

But you can’t try to copy them.

What works for them often won’t work for you. In the end, you waste time on implementing copied systems and ideas.

Hack #3 – The Two Pizza Rule

This is a simple one.

If two pizzas can’t feed everyone attending your meeting, you have too many people. The meeting won’t produce anything useful and will waste time.

Hack #4 – Disagree and Commit

Sometimes, people in your organisation will disagree with your course of action.

Bezos has encountered this and used his “Disagree and Commit” philosophy to overcome it. He recognises the disagreement but asks his people to commit to his decisions anyway.

This makes decision making faster, which makes the entire company more productive.

Hack #5 – Don’t Cut Sleep

Bezos sleeps for eight hours every single night.

He says that cutting your sleeping hours down just creates an illusion of productivity. You’re actually too tired to make good decisions if you don’t get enough sleep.

Hack #6 – Don’t Wait for All of the Information

You want as much information to hand as possible when you make decisions.

But don’t wait too long. Bezos says you can make decisions with just 70% of the information that you think you need.

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Hack #7 – Work Backwards

Bezos doesn’t start planning until he sets a goal.

When you have your end goal in mind, it’s easier to map a route towards it.

Hack #8 – Keep a Sleeping Bag at Work

Did you miss out on a few hours of sleep?

It happens to Bezos on occasion. That’s why he keeps a sleeping bag at work. A quick nap and he’s refreshed and ready to be more productive.

Hack #9 – Know Your Limits

Everybody has limits.

Bezos understands this and says the key to higher productivity is to understand those limits. Figure out what holds you back so that you can work on it.

Hack #10 – Be Optimistic

Bezos once described himself as “genetically optimistic”.

Optimistic people are much less likely to allow fear to cloud their judgement.

Approach your work with optimism and you become more productive.

The Final Word

Jeff Bezos may be among the most productive people in the world. Learn from his secrets to become more productive yourself.

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