$100 Millionaire says “Work Less Make More Money”?

One of the guys I love to study and learn from is Richard Koch.

This is a guy who does around 1 hour of work a day – yet he’s amassed over $100 million through his businesses and investments.

The rest of the time he spends riding his bike around the beautiful countryside he lives in and relaxing.

What’s his secret? The 80/20 rule.

What does this mean?

80% of your desired results come from 20% of the effort you put in.

What does that mean?

The idea is that 80% of what you want most comes from 20% of the activities that you conduct.

It’s an interesting rule that applies to all sorts of things beyond your personal life.

Take businesses as an example. Roughly 80% of the average business’ output comes from 20% of its employees.

It goes further.

80% of the average business’ income comes from 20% of its customers. That makes sense when you consider that repeat customers are the lifeblood of many businesses.

Let’s bring it back to your personal life. You’ll see the 80/20 rule all over the place.

80% of your phone calls or text messages probably go to the same 20% of people in your phone.

A large chunk of your income goes on a few bills, such as the mortgage and credit card payments.

Now the question is how can you use 80/20 thinking to your advantage?

What’s a little thing you can do now to get a big result?

What’s one thing you can do today to make the rest of your year worthwhile?

How can you dramatically improve your life with one conversation, phone call or action?

This is 80/20 thinking and it can make you rich if you let it.

One of my friends used this secret to build a passive income of around $50,000 per month.

She realised if she bought properties that paid her healthy cash flow, she’d never need to work on again.

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