$1,500 Per month from Amazon ‘Private Labelling’?

How to ‘Private Label’ Your Way to Amazon Cashflow

Private labelling can be a great cashflow opportunity, if you get it right. Here’s how it works.

If you’re not sure how private labelling works, don’t worry, as you’re not the only one.

This concept is somewhat unknown to many people despite its amazing potential. The good news is that it’s really easy to understand.

In fact, there’s a very high chance that you’ve encountered many private label products.

In a nutshell, private labelling means buying generic products for relabelling and selling under your brand name, with permission from the supplier.

This gives you an opportunity to create a line of products that can generate significant passive income.

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To give you an insight into the way private labelling works, let’s take a look at Schuyler Richardson’s example.

$1,500 Per Month “Private Labelling” on Amazon

Amazon can be a perfect platform for private labelling.

This is exactly what Schuyler Richardson thought, which was why he decided to start selling private label products.

He states that this isn’t one of those strategies that promise you’ll get rich quickly, but you can earn a stable passive income.

The first thing that he did was research.

He needed a product that already had decent sales, instead of the one that had ‘potential’.

In other words ‘Show me the money’.

Schuyler found a generic product with a reasonable sales ranking on Amazon.

In doing this, Schuyler made sure to check out the competition and get in touch with suppliers.

Since he couldn’t find a cost-effective local supplier, he decided to go the international route.

Upon finding his supplier online, he had to think about marketing.

This requires designs of the logo and packaging.

He didn’t want to go through all of that himself, so he delegated this job. It’s an affordable solution that saved him time.

After all this, he created a listing and chose to use the “Fulfilment by Amazon” (FBA) service, which lets Amazon take care of warehousing, packing and shipping, returns, and more.

This makes life so much easier.

Schuyler now earns around $1,500 a month from this – which is great for a side gig. It won’t make him rich – but the extra cash is great, and this is just the beginning for him.

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As you can see, Private labelling can be an excellent way to generate extra cashflow on Amazon.

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