$249,508 in 12 months from Airbnb?

Airbnb is incredibly popular because it gives people a chance to travel – for business or please – and enjoy more choices for their accommodation.

But, another way that it has changed people’s lives is by giving them a chance of earning extra income.

Airbnb can give you a ‘spare time’ cashflow business – without having to deal with many of the problems that come from a ‘short-term-letting’ business.

To show you the potential that Airbnb has, we want to give you an example of the most lucrative Airbnb space for the last year.

It’s a beautiful five-bedroom house in Sydney and the owner, Lynne Champion, earned around $249,508 last year.

She states that her property isn’t among the most expensive ones – but she really puts a ton of effort into making sure that her guests love the house.

She also says that her entrepreneurial spirit has been active her whole life, and that’s why she saw Airbnb as a chance to make extra cash on the side.

It goes without saying that her efforts have paid off – since she receives glowing reviews on Airbnb.

Ms. Champion states that she still tries to maximise her profits – which is why she does all the cleaning herself.

She says that this isn’t an issue since a majority of guests respect the home very much and always leave it in great state upon leaving.

This isn’t for everyone though – many people simply choose to delegate the cleaning and replacing of linen etc. to companies that specialise in this area.

Ms. Champion is only one of many people that have decided to explore the financial potential of Airbnb.

But what if you could learn how to earn a passive income through Airbnb…without even owning the properties?

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