3 big learnings from Deals on Fire

Just wrapping up the “Deals on Fire” event now – thank you to all the hundreds of people that joined us across the 5 events. 

Here’s a little snapshot of some of the big learnings from the event for you. 

Todd Polke – The Secret of ‘Desire Magnet” Properties  

The secret of outperforming the average in capital growth is finding suburbs with key ‘attractor factors’ that appeal to ‘owner occupiers’.

For example, good year 12 results in local high schools can boost prices. One study found that house prices were boosted by $19,000 for every 1% of scores above 40. 

That’s because owner occupiers moving to an area, will tend to push themselves to pay more for an area that they are emotionally connected too, and think will support their family’s goals and lifestyle. 

And, as supply of houses tightens and demand increases, this will result in maximum resale/capital gains for you. 

Bidding wars baby! 

Nhan Nguyen – Get in, Get out Get Paid! 

Nhan has a property researcher who pounds the pavement each week in 3 suburbs that he likes…building relationships with owners…who don’t even know they want to sell yet! 

This means, he’s getting deals before they even go to a real estate agent –which gives him a much better chance of ‘making money on the way into a deal’. 

For example, Nhan bought this property in August 2016 and sold it in September 2016 for a quick $61k pre tax profit.  A great example of buying under value.

Helen Tarrant – Australia’s Queen of Cashflow! 

Residential is perfect for capital gains, and for this reason Helen holds a lot of residential property. But, she believes if you want cashflow you need to look at commercial property. 

That’s because a 640,000 property can give you positive cashflow of up to $30,000+ per year. 

That’s money in your pocket after loan repayments and property expenses. 

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