3 Key Habits of the Rich (From a Man Who Studied 233 Millionaires)

Accountant Tom Corley makes it his business to find out how rich people become rich.

To do that, he questioned hundreds of wealthy people to find out about their habits.

And,  he discovered some remarkable habits that the mega-rich all seem to have in common.

Habit #1 – They Look to the Future

We imagine that rich people spend all of their time living the high life. It’s all about fast cars, huge houses, and the many other trappings that wealth brings.

Now, those things certainly do exist for the mega-rich. However, those who make a lot of money are also very frugal.

Tom discovered that rich people tend to pay their “future selves: before they pay themselves. What that means is that they put aside 20% of their income for the future.

That leaves the other 80% to deal with the present.

Habit #2 – They Read Often

Warren Buffett is a famously keen reader and he’s one of the wealthiest people on the planet.

Reading is a habit that most rich people share.

Tom discovered that the rich spend at least 30 minutes of each day reading.

As the saying goes: Poor People have big TV’s, Rich People Have Libraries”

However, there’s a caveat to this habit.

Only 11% of them read for entertainment purposes.

That trashy novel isn’t going to help you get rich. But, reading the biography of self-made ‘world changer’ might.

Habit #3 – They Set Goals

There’s a big difference between setting goals and wishing for something.

A goal is something concrete that you can work towards. A wish may never happen because it’s outside of the realms of possibility.

Tom found that 70% of rich people set themselves an achievable goal each year.

The numbers fall off a cliff for poorer people. In fact, only 3% of those in the lowest income brackets mirror this behavior.

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