3 Steps to Amazon Cashflow Success

It all seems so simple.

You source a product from China, put it on Amazon, and make money.

Unfortunately, thinking it’s that easy is the road to ruin for many a budding Amazon income earner.

You have to think smart from the start to make your Amazon store work.

But here’s the good news. If you get it right, you can potentially make a healthy cashflow of $3,000…. $5,000 …even as much as $20,000+ per month….

Because there’s 100’s of millions of buyers on Amazon for you to sell to. And, that’s exactly what Sophie Howard did.

Sophie’s Howard’s Amazon Breakthrough

Sophie’s business started with a sale of single ecofriendly homeware product for $20 that she sourced from Nepal for $3.

She eventually sold 10’s of thousands of that product and sold it for 7 figures – and was able to pay off her mortgage in one go.

So, what’s her secret?

It all comes down to how she chooses her products. With these tips, you can follow in Sophie Howard’s footsteps.

Tip #1 – Do Smart Product Research

Everything starts with finding the right product. That means you need to put some time into research.

But here’s the big mistake that many Amazon sellers make.

They trust a software package to tell them which products they should sell.

In most cases, they just throw up a bunch of popular products that other people sell.

The problem with those products is that they offer too much competition. You won’t have a niche.

Instead, you’ll just join a long list of sellers offering the same thing to buyers.

That’s not the best way to make money using Amazon.

Sophie’s method involves finding “Blue Sky” Products. She avoids any niche that’s already saturated with sellers.

Instead, she finds products that have a reasonable level of demand but don’t yet have strong competition filling the niche.

For example, embarrassing hygiene products is in her ‘Top 10’ niches.

People need these products but they’re not keen to go into a store to buy them.

They want to buy discreetly online, yet most Amazon sellers don’t give such products a second look.

That’s a perfect example of a Blue Sky Product, and you can source these sorts of products online with the right help.

These ‘non-obvious’ products can lead to very healthy profit, over a long period of time.

Tip #2 – Create Great Listings

The quality of your listing plays a huge part in the success of your product.

Sophie offers a few tips for making a great listing. These include:

  • Create a brand name for the product using ‘private labelling’. This offers your product instant credibility and sets it apart from the generics.
  • Provide relevant data, such as sizing and some facts and figures related to the product.
  • Use high quality photos that highlight the best aspects of your product.

Tip #3 – Test Small First

When Sophie recognises that a product has potential, she doesn’t just jump right in.

Instead, she places a small order to use for a test run. This test run shows her two things:

  • How quickly the product will sell.
  • How reliable her manufacturers are.

If the test run is a success, she scales her orders up. This allows her to sell higher volumes of the product, which leads to thousands of dollars in profit.

For example, she ordered 100 x $3 units for her first product.

Start small and you’ll lower your risk and give yourself the chance to test multiple product ides.

Sophie’s Students Kicking Goals

Sophie doesn’t just use her ‘secret sauce’ to her own benefit.

She has plenty of students who follow these tips and have successful Amazon stores.

Take Tasha as an example. A mother of three, she has a product that she sells in the United States. With Sophie’s help, she made $10,000 in sales in a single month.

Now, she’s ready to scale up.

But Tasha isn’t the only one. Another student, Kirby, launched 5 products in the space of four months after starting Sophie’s program.

Another student, Rafael, earned $2,000 profit in his first month selling on Amazon.

What About You?

That’s just a small sample of the success that Sophie and her students have enjoyed.

There are so many more examples and so much more to learn.

If you’d like to spend an evening learning more about this come along to a LIVE Masterclass with an Amazon expert in your city and get all your questions answered.

P.S Amazon is now ‘ramping up’ it’s advertising big time with huge bill boards across the major capital cities, TV Ads, and front page ads on major papers. If you want to get onboard the Amazon express, the time is now