3 Tips from The 4-Hour Work Week

Has work gotten on top of you?

Are you taking on so much that you’ve completely lost the balance between your work and personal life?

When’s the last time you spent real quality time with your family?

You might not like your answers to those questions. And you’re not alone.

Tim Ferriss once lived a life that seemed to revolve around his work.

It was too much to take and he eventually had a breakdown.

But from the ashes of that breakdown rose the phoenix of inspiration.

Tim realised that he didn’t have to grind for his entire life to earn a living. He could get what he needed by working just four hours per week.

And then he wrote a book about it.

Here are some of the most important lessons from The 4-Hour Work Week.

Lesson #1

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.”

You might think you’re achieving a lot when you’re constantly rushed off your feet. But being busy doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re productive.

Once you switch your focus to becoming productive, you’ll eliminate so many tasks that don’t serve you.

Ask yourself: “What #1 thing could I do now, that if I only did this one thing today I’d be happy with my progress” 

Lesson #2

“If we define risk as ‘the likelihood of an irreversible negative outcome,’ inaction is the greatest risk of all.”

Don’t let fear paralyse you. Doing nothing to change your situation might be the “safe” option.

But it’s not going to help you move closer to your dream life. Take the next step.

Even if you fail, it’s often better than doing nothing at all. At least you learn something that can help you succeed next time.

Lesson #3

“Being able to quit things that don’t work is integral to being a winner.”

Look for ‘signs of life’ in your projects.  Sometimes, spending time on a ‘bad idea’ is what’s stopping you from working on a good idea.

I should know – I once spent 3 years and 100’s of hours on a business that didn’t work!

It also applies to the personal habits that prevent you from reaching your potential.

Quit the things that don’t serve you and you’ll retake control of your future.

The 30 Minute Work-Day?

Now, many people will tell you a 4-Hour Work Week is impossible.

However, Amazon Seller Sophie Howard is known for having a 30-minute work-day at some points.

That’s because once you have your products sold on Amazon, your main job is to make sure you restock them once supplies are running low (and add new product lines).

Amazon handles all the customer fulfillment for you.

So, it is possible – you just need to find the right income generation model.

The 30 Minute Work-Day Amazon Business – Register Here for the Free Webinar 

That’s not to say this is the lifestyle for everyone. If you’re running and growing a big business, or you’re a busy lawyer, nurse or fireman etc. clearly it’s not going to happen.

But, it’s possible in the world of Amazon eCommerce.

The 30 Minute Work-Day Amazon Business – Register Here for the Free Webinar 


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