$35,000 Positive Cashflow from just one property?

Check out this deal that Helen’s student is currently purchasing.

Based on the rental income, she’ll get over $35,000 per year passive income from this property.

That’s more than $3,000 per month positive cashflow.

The cost of the property?  Just over $700,000.

Now, if you buy 3 properties giving you $35,000 each that’s $105,000 per year.

That’s enough to certainly replace many people’s income – or at least take a good bite out of it.

The beauty of this deal is, it’s got a brand new 5-year lease….with 3% rental income increases locked in each year.

Can you say ‘set and forget’ cashflow!

To hear more about how to find deals like this make sure join Helen at Real Estate Cashflow Made Easy this coming week.

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