5 Habits That Can Make You Rich

freedom360-5-habits-that-can-make-you-rich-img001Who does not want financial freedom? It does not matter if you want great wealth or you just want enough mobility for your family to have a comfortable life – we all have something to learn from people who have achieved the pinnacle of wealth and financial freedom that we all long for no matter what stage of life or wealth you are in right now. joker This list is not exhaustive but it’s a good starting point. If you want financial growth instead of more financial struggle, start doing these.

Note: Financial planner Tom Corely observed the daily differences between 350 rich and poor people for 5 years and took note of several striking observations*. I’ve added these findings to the 5 bullet points as supporting data. This is not to discriminate poor people from wealthy ones. But we do gain a wealth of insights from studies like this, if we keep an open mind.


freedom360-5-habits-that-can-make-you-rich-img002Without a goal – financial or otherwise – it’s easy to spend on non-essentials. If you’re saving for a grand vacation, you’d be happy to skip a smaller one right? I’m not saying you should plan for a grand vacation. But do set goals.

The book The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy, which details more than two decades worth of surveys and personal interviews with millionaires, reveals that much of the wealth in America is more often the result of hard work, diligent savings, and living below your means.


Know how much you earn and have a clear purpose for your money. Give your money assignments – for education, investment, retirement, emergency fund, etc. If you don’t set goals for your money, you’ll most likely spend it on the next midnight sale.

I like to call these buckets and I have buckets set up in my life for various purposes and projects and a plan on how and when and in what order to fill these buckets. It is all about having a purpose for your money and a flow of money around your life leading you towards what you truly desire your life to be about.


One misconception about investing is that you need a lot of money to invest. My advice:


There are four types of money which I know are in your life at any point in time or should be, but lets talk about two types here. One of them is “working” money, which works for you by growing and earning without you lifting a finger. These are also called investments. You can learn about them here.

freedom360-5-habits-that-can-make-you-rich-img005It’s true that you can’t invest all the money that’s left after paying bills and expenses. There’s a place for savings and some liquidity but if you truly want to grow financially (even if slowly), you gotta get the lazy money in your life out there working for you.

I wrote an article on “lazy money” here. Lazy money is money that is not being maximized where it is. It is money not fulfilling its potential. This kind of money is best turned into investments instead of left “lying around.”



freedom360-5-habits-that-can-make-you-rich-img007If investing money creates financial growth, investing in yourself through education creates personal growth. This in turn increases your value and potential and the only way to make more money is to increase your own value and add more value to the market. For example, who do you think gets paid more, someone who knows accounting or someone who’s a CPA? Taking it further, who do you think has more earning potential, an accountant or an accounting consultant? If you’ve followed my teachings closely, you’d remember that one key to increasing your earnings is by shifting from providing “hourly service” or exchanging time for money to a “value” service where you begin to exchange value for money. Whereas an accountant may earn on an hourly basis, a consultant earns based on the expertise he provides, which may no longer be as time dependent as being employed as an accountant. To grow your income, you’ve got to invest in your personal growth and increase your value as a person.


freedom360-5-habits-that-can-make-you-rich-img008Not everything can be learned in books, or through YouTube, or in school. If you have very specific goals, seeking help and training from the right mentor is one of the most empowering steps you can make. This is especially true when it comes to financial investments. The investing market is a live thing and personal goals vary, thus, consulting an expert in the field could save you from great investment heartaches. I can say with my hand on my heart that I would not be where I am now or be teaching others without the mentors that I have had in my life.


freedom360-5-habits-that-can-make-you-rich-img009Have you heard of the story of John D. Rockefeller who was the world’s only billionaire during his time? After attaining immense success at age 53, he got sick:

“The doctors predicted he would not live over one year. The newspaper had gleefully written his obituary in advance—for convenience in sudden use. Those sleepless nights set him thinking. He realized with a new light that he “could not take one dime into the next world.” Money was not everything. The next morning found him a new man. He began to help churches with his amassed wealth; the poor and needy were not overlooked. He established the Rockefeller Foundation whose funding of medical researches led to the discovery of penicillin and other wonder drugs. John D. began to sleep well, eat and enjoy life. The doctors had predicted he would not live over age 54. He lived up to 98.”

There will always be people who have more or less in life than us. Giving reminds us that money is not the most important thing in life; it is not our master, it is a tool for us to live a better life and to help others live better lives also.

Best Habits Work Best


Habits enable us to stay focused.


Our habits reveal (or divulge!) what our priorities are, and where our lives are headed. Two hours of TV a day tells you what about your future? At least an hour with your mentor every week tells you you’re serious about your goals.

What habits have you committed to attain success in life? Become the best version of yourself by instilling habits that help you grow financially and professionally.

There will always be people who have more or less in life than us. Giving reminds us that money is not the most important thing in life; it is not our master[LO1] , it is a tool for us to live a better life and to help others live better lives also.


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